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From curing agents for optimal heriing curing, matjes type to convenience products: our passion is dedicated to cover the whole range of products to support artisanal production, industry and food service.                                                                        

Our focus are the wishes of our customers, the latest culinary trends - and the most suitable quality. We are constantly creating new flavours, versatile products and easy to use solutions. This results in products offering great taste combined with attractive appearance, safe products, and easy to use.



Curing fish is one of the oldest known preserving methods. Our range includes enzymatic curing aids (based on sugar curing), fruit acid cures which are specifically suitable for fatty (>17% fat) herring fillets and injection products.

When processing fish or seafood a number of challenges can occur which effect the organoleptic quality. We offer a range of functional ingredients to support you with these challenges.

Essences are liquid spice extracts based on acetic acid or cooking oil. These are very suitable for low pH products. Smoke flavorings can be used in addition to conventional smoking or to replace traditional smoking techniques.

Décor spices give your fish an attractive appearance. They are specifically selected to look and taste great. Scatter them on your fish or seafood to make it even more appealing

Convenience food is getting more established. It ranges from meat and fish dishes, ready-to-use sauces, marinades to dressings. Tastiness, ease to use and above all time savings are important criteria.

Using seasonings, spices and herbs is as old as cooking. They establish largely the taste and character of our food. We offer a realm of suitable herbs, spices and seasonings at the right quality.

Consumers increasingly seek conscientious and responsible ways of consuming food. We build on more than 30 years of experience and offer good tasting products for meat, fish and convenience in organic quality.